About Me

I am Josito Gomez, a professional photographer specialized in motor sports as well as action photography and adventure sports.

In love with nature and passionate about action sports, besides photographing them, I practice many of them. By doing all this, taking a camera becomes a passion, becomes a profession and today it is a lifestyle.

I started 5 years ago in the motor world covering the Spanish Rally Championship, ERC and today the WRC. Currently I have expanded my field with other sports such as mountain biking, cycling, running, lifestyle …

I dedicate myself to sports action photography due to the great stimulation it causes me, fast and unpredictable sports, where having a «sixth sense» allows you to anticipate the athlete. My eye goes beyond capturing a simple frame, I look for the human part, generate sensations, connect the athlete and the environment, portraying effort, adrenaline, frustration …

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